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luvlowy @ 02:12 pm:

lets start from left to right, shall we?

Jonathan: Look how out of place he looks? poor jonathan. and he has his hands in his pockets!
Hannah:always looks gorgeous!
Brock:OMFG! how does he get all these hot chicks!? honestly!
Trevor:look how happy he is? awwww....too bad the PHOTOGRAPHER IS STUPID and didn't put him in the front and like hide brock behind him...
Steph:boobs, much?
Molly:she is like a model! brock could hide behind her, too...
Brady:you can't tell in this picture, but his hair is way longer than hannah's.
Sara:there is a shadow line all the way up her neck.
Allie:I almost didn't se her, Shari is shadowing her.
Shari:hottest picture of her ever compared to her science team photo where she is so....omg i can't even explain it. but this is a much much much better picture.
Michelle:where's michelle? oh there she is...I HATE THIS PHOTOGRAPHER!!!!!!
Amy:Pale and big-boobed as usual
Me:I am loking in like 2 diferent directions at once. am i stoned?
Matt:actually, this is a pretty good picture of him.
Justin:hahahahahahaha. no comment.


what the photographer should have done:

Center the pic so that we were facing eachother and it was boy/girl boy/girl boy/girl boy/girl boy/girl in the back row and then the shortest girls in the front of them.

then he should have zoomed in the pic to that the wall wasn't in the background (you can't see it b/c of the frame, but the white gym was is showing in the top left corner)

it really isn't all that hard to do. if he just took 2 extra minutes to move us around. i was going to tell people what to do, but i assume that the photographer knew what he was doing. I WAS WRONG!

next year, i am being a major bitch and telling him what to do.


arg. i am so mad!









luv ya!

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Date:November 12th, 2004 11:19 am (UTC)
hehehehehe. 0:)
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